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It's the year 2020 and all I can ask is where is Skynet? Jokes aside, I can't thank all of you guys enough for all your support of my story. As first, I did not expect it to be so popular and looking back on it now I only made this story cause I was really into Spider-Man when he showed up in Civil War. There is so many who commented and messaged me about this story and I would like to thank all of you for the support. I would also like to thank those who give me some criticism about how I'm leading my story and I can't help but admit that most are true.

After all, you can't expect to grow if you surround yourself with people who only give you words you want to hear. So, let me say that I thank all of you, both those who like and dislike what my current story is and I hope you guys continue to give me your feed back. I know most are put off with how am adding more confusion with adding another Author's story in mine, but I promise that it will go back to just Jaune soon. Like I said in the beginning of this collab, this was a test and I read some comments on how it effects some readers and I will assure you that I will plan accordingly about how I will try this again in the far future. Till then, I hope you guys continue to read my story and I hope you also read other story related to my story too.

Thank you all for from the beginning and I hope you guys will still stick around till this adventure ends.

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