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Hi all!

Most of my fanfic writing is for Naruto--I'm also a member of the NF forums (username over there is Daenerys Stormborn).

Favorite Anime: Naruto, FMA:Brotherhood, Ghost Hunt, Gurren Lagann

Favorite Manga: Naruto, Hellsing, FMA, Death Note, Tsubasa, Mushishi, 20th Century Boys

Favorite Characters: Kakashi, Itachi, Gaara, Lee, Maes Hughes, Kurogane, Kamina, Otcho (And, as you can probably guess from my username, I'm a huge Akatsuki fan.)

OTP: PainKonan

Other Pairings I Like: SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NaruHina, EdWinry, RoyHawkeye, KuroFai

Enjoy the stories, and please review!


I can't believe the Naruto manga is over, after 15 years of publication (of which I've been reading for 9 or 10). I don't have any immediate plans to stop writing fanfic for the series, but it still feels like the end of an era. Thanks to everyone who's made the fandom such a fun ride, especially the NBD/KC crew (Kakuzu solos), the mod team, and the Itachi FC.

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