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Hello all, I'm 7th Pride. Avid reader and novice writer. I don't have much to say or really write down here as I'm still new, but I'll eventually get to it.

Lots of authors have inspiration quotes, so here's mine: Failure is not falling down but refusing to get back up.

Review Response and PM notifications of 6/8/20 edit: Due to a change in the website, any replies and response to reviews or PMs sent to me do not have receive a email notification. I typically always reply back to reviews and PMs as I can. Please check your PM box occasionally as would I more than likely have replied to it, but there was no alert to show it.

Opinion of reviews: I came across a little piece that really captured my attention and could relate to.

On my opinion on reviews. I believe that component is perhaps the most important. Not the number of favorites or followers, but the different comments and concerns that you the readers put out for us. To any author or writer, reviews and criticism is the life blood for any inspiring and improving writer.

While in some way this may appear selfish but us writer need a sense of validation in manner of speaking. We wish to know if people are actually enjoying what we spent time and effort on. There are some authors that simply choose to post their works and leave it a that. Others, like myself choose to be interact with their readers, taking the time to answer or hint towards future plot points and progression of the story.

I've seen and read many great fics on this website, and something I've noted is that a fair majority of them have very low review count. Some even getting no less than ten or so on the latest chapter in works with several hundreds of followers and favorites. More often that naught they were the first story to completely go dark.

They say an artists or author's biggest critic is himself. And I completely agree. When I first decided to post the prologue of my first ever story, I was ecstatic! So many kind and wonderful comments cheering me on and so forth. However, that also come as the cost of the developing discouragement I felt as well.

In a way, reviews works as positive reinforcement for us writers. I know for a fact that each review I read, whether it be a certain question or topic regarding the future of the story, simply commenting on what happened in the chapter, or even a simple "Nice Chapter!" make me happy. It shows that, you the reader are interested and invested in some form in our stories. This type of motivations helps us through the slog of writing, as when actually writing it can be a tough process to fit all the ideas together in a coherent and organized fashion. It only takes a couple of words, and in our minds as writers we think "Yes! I did it!"

While this does seem selfish and petty, I do implore you, the readers to take a more active role. If something's bad or distasteful, let it be known. Constructive criticism is better than no criticism at all. If you enjoyed it, let it also be known! I can assure you, even the simplest of things can make the most impact.

Fan Art and Cover:

From Alex Kellar on DeviantArt:
- The Fake Player: https:(slash)(slash)www(dot)deviantart(dot)com(slash)alex-kellar(slash)art(slash)The-Fake-Player-907609614

- Of Family, Foolishness and the Strangest of Fortunes: https:(slash)(slash)www(dot)deviantart(dot)com(slash)alex-kellar(slash)art(slash)A-couple-of-steel-907814656

I'm also on Spacebattle now if anyone wants to pop on by and say hello. I hear FF is still a bit finicky with the reviews and message system.


Ongoing Project: The Fake Player (Fate/Stay night & Overlord crossover)

Prologue Arc: YGGDRASIL

Prologue: The Death of a Hero. (Completed)

Chapter 1: Welcome to YGGDRASIL. (Completed)

Chapter 2: A meeting of Heroes. (Completed)

Chapter 3: Nines Own Goal vs Berserker. Pt.1 (Completed)

Chapter 4: Nines Own Goal vs Berserker. Pt.2 (Completed)

Chapter 5: The Birth of Ainz Ooal Gown. (Completed)

Chapter 6: The Conquest of the Great Tomb of Nazarick (Completed)

Interlude: The Daily Lives of Ainz Ooal Gown. (Completed)

- Pt. 1 Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama (Completed)

- Pt. 2 Momonga (Completed)

- Pt. 3 Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle (Completed)

Chapter 7: These Ceaseless Changing Times I (Completed)

Chapter 8: These Ceaseless Changing Times II (Completed)

Chapter 9: These Ceaseless Changing Times III (Completed)

Chapter 10: Signs of a Storm (Completed)

Chapter 11: The 9th World Champion Tournament I (Completed)

Chapter 12: The 9th World Champion Tournament II (Completed)

Chapter 13: The 9th World Champion Tournament III (Completed)

Chapter 14: The 9th World Champion Tournament IV (Completed)

Chapter 15: The 9th World Champion Tournament V (Completed)

Chapter 16: The 9th World Champion Tournament VI (In progress)

Ongoing Project: The King's Blade (Fate/Stay Night & Queen's Blade Crossover) [Indefinite Hiatus]

Prologue: 4th wall? What 4th wall? (Completed)

Chapter 1: As the Dawn settles, Nyx rises (Completed)

Chapter 2: Crossing The Thin Line (Completed)

Chapter 3: The Bandit Queen (In Progress)

Chapter 4: The Start of an Adventure (In Progress)

Unlike Fake Player, this project of mine it more of a side project, a more self-indulgent fic where I can try some new ideas and things, and maybe flex my writing when it comes to different types of story telling. And lemons. Can't forget about lemons.

Ongoing Project: Of Family, Foolishness and the Strangest of Fortunes (Fate/Stay Night & Black Clover Crossover) [Indefinite Hiatus]

Prologue: A Chance Encounter (Completed)

Chapter 1: Curious Lessons (Completed)

Chapter 2: Meeting the Family (Completed)

Chapter 3: A Royal Burden (Completed)

Chapter 4: A Shattered Sword (Completed)

Chapter 5: Noblesse Oblige (Completed)

Chapter 6: A Devilish Intent (In Progress)

Chapter 7: More than Meets the Eye (In Progress)

Chapter 8: Onwards To Tomorrow (In Progress)

Chapter 9: A Sword's Purpose (In Progress)

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