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Well, hey-howdy-hey!

Welcome to me humble profile page!

Latest Story:

"Ready Or Not" a Nightmare Before Christmas story.

Upcoming Story:

More chapters for 'RON' and an abundance of WIP's.

Just your friendly neighbourhood geek here with access to the internet. If you couldn't already tell, I'm a massive Disnerd with a passion for writing! Although it can have its stressful moments and I develop writers' block often... it's still a favourite hobby of mine! Someday I even hope to become an author, telling original stories. But that's not all, mainly I just read and primarily levitate towards fluffy romances most often than not.

Also, reviews fuel me more than you think! Or even refreshing this site to see a new favourite or follow is just as rewarding - and hot damn, it never fails to make me smile. So to absolutely anyone out there taking time out of their day to read my fic's... I love you. Seriously, virtual hugs are coming your way.

My NBC Stories' Timeline

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

1) "Midnight Comfort" (Just one more lil' part to go, though it's being pretty nasty in not wanting to be completed.)

2) "Ready Or Not" (Currently in much progress, but is slowly getting there!)

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