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I'm new to fan fiction, trying my hand at writing a few Miraculous moments. My kids love MLB and want to read these too, so mostly they will involve NO KISSING (my son is adamant about that).

My writing habit is speedy - when a story's on my mind I'll write 700-1000 words in an hour (I used to do this for work so it's habit), my write-edit-post cycle goes very quickly, and I don't usually have anyone beta-ing my work. So updates will happen almost as soon as I decide to write them :-) this does mean though that it won't be perfect! Any criticism of my writing that you want to give is quite welcome, I know I'll have mistakes that would have got caught if I took longer or had someone else check it. Please do point them out!

April 2018: I've started a new job, which means I have MUCH less time & spare creativity to write. Plus, not having seen any of Season 2 yet, it's getting to the point where my stories are so out of canon and I have no idea so they probably seem a bit weird. I'll still be around reading though. Once I get to watch Season 2 expect the flow to increase again!

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