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Hi. I'm Jack Hollows, and if you pressed my name I'm pretty concerned for you. I'm pretty un-social and quiet, not reviewing much or adding really anything to my favorites. I write, and I forget the story like it's a discarded sock. I enjoy the pairing of Kurogane and Fai, so feel free to whack me for being stupid. I like the gorillaz, but I guess my interest in music stops there. I draw, I guess, and write doujishi from time to time. I like anime, and will watch Invader Zim too since I have those nifty little DVDs. I live somewhere in mud flats, which is what it shoulda been called because that's all it is here. My writing spans from comedy to tragic situations, and I really only meddle in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Oh yes, and I appriciate reviews for my stories as much as I like little wedges of pineapples, and I really like, I don't have much else to say about myself...


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