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First time writing fanfiction. Don't like it, dont read it. but if you have any suggestions for where my stories go next, let me know, cause Im not following an outline.

Random Babble about myself...Reading is my passion, It has been from the young age of four. My Dad often sat with me and read.

My three bookshelves are fulled with books on all but one of the shelves and I always need more room for my books. So Fanfiction is the best thing I have found, I can have so many books, and it only takes the space of a phone.

I've been here a year or so, and across that time I have found a brilliant author, by the name of Writerspassion18 . You should check her out, her pieces of writing are amazing (its Dramione FF.)

Reading is amazing, you can be transported to anywhere, from the past, to the future, to space or the bottom of the ocean.

Reading is an escape from reality.

Thanking the random person who decided to read this...

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