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BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope PM
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I had way too much on my profile last time. Well, the admins have finished messing up the login area. At least they admitted something went wrong after the fact. Post your new stories as quickly as you can before the site goes down again and we can't do anything. The site was not like this when I first joined. Back then, if there was a problem, the admins actually took care of it and posted about problems or potential problems. One time, I could not see my profile hit counter at all and someone from tech support told me to refresh my browser and that worked. Times have changed and the admins now do a poor job maintaining the site. It will often go down without warning, e mails don't come for days or weeks at a time, and the admins just don't want to help and they hide instead of addressing the problem. I debated with myself when the log in finally came back up and really didn't want to log in, but I did anyway. I'm going to stick it out and see if things get better. They probably won't, but I'm stuck here and can't leave.

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