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I have figured out the reason JKR’s magical world is so messed up.

JKR aka (Just Kidding, Really) all the WTF’s in the story are just a big joke. Harry dreamed it all up after being knocked unconscious during an extremely taxing training session with Dumbledore around the age of 8. You almost had me JK... almost.

To all the Snape loves out there…

How does anyone take Snape and make him a good decent person? Have you even read the books? I am sorry Loving someone mom, then kicking her son in the balls every chance you get DOES NOT make you a good guy he is a bastard at best. The only thing wrong with Snapes canon death was it was way to fast. The fact that JKR make him good in the end is just one of them many problems with the HP canon story line. Look we all think Alan Rickman is a great actor, do not mix your liking the actor for the character Severus Snape. Alan is charismatic Snape is not his is well… Snivellus.


Grey Lord Dumbls…

Well all I can realy say was up until Harry told him about the resurrection using his blood he simply planed to have Harry March to his martyrs death and never bothered to tell him. He was at best manipulative off his rocker, but with a little circumstantial evidence and filling in all the WTF’s in the canon story line you could make a case for far worse than that.

How messed up in the head was Harry to name one of his kids after two of the people who fucked his life up the most. for the next kid why not Dolores Bella Potter, and Tom Cornelius Potter. Lets not forget Vernon they did part on good terms if I remember correctly.

Kalen Darkmoon said this in a review

I'll never understand why so many fan-fic authors (& JKR) essentially let Dumbledore off the hook for crimes that were actually WORSE than what Voldemort had done.

All of Voldemort's followers had the CHOICE to follow and serve him. Even if the choice was 'serve or die' they still had a choice. Dumbledore on the other hand KIDNAPPED and ENSLAVED an infant boy from his rightful guardian (remember Sirius tried taking Harry but Hagrid refused him on Dumble's orders). He orchaestrated with full admitted knowledge and planning (in OotP) Harry's awful childhood of neglect and abuse as a means to shape Harry's personality. This is also known as BRAINWASHING and ENSLAVEMENT. Dumbledore even controlled Harry's contact with friendly people restricting them ONLY to himself after Harry suffered extreme traumas in 4th and 5th years - also well known tactics in brainwashing and control of victims.

One of Dumble's greatest and most powerful brainwashing and manipulations was the staging of his death. He at NO point ever told Harry he was dying anyway or what he had planned with Snape. Instead off stupifying and concealing Harry he paralyzed him and made Harry watch as Dumbledore valiantly gave his life for Harry so that Harry could complete his mission in defeating Voldemort. It's called 'martyrdom' and is a tactic that has been used for over a thousand years to seal zealous loyalty to a cause or belief. The most powerful brainwashing there is to a child raised to believe that his life is worth less than anyone else's and that he should die even for those that that hated and mistreated him because somehow THEIR lives are more valuable than his own.

In the end, Harry was no hero of any sort whatsoever. He was a boy controlled and programmed by an old man into committing suicide to defeat Dumbledore's enemy for him because he refused to even try truly fighting Voldemort or his DEs. Dumbledore not only refused to use lethal or 'hard' force against murderers and terrorists but also actively counseled others to do the same. Just let the murderers/rapists/terrorists go to hurt someone else. Both the past AND FUTURE victims' lives are meaningless when Albus Dumbledore wants to give monsters second, third, fourth, etc. chances. A hero CHOOSES to stand up to evil and fight it despite the personal peril. Canon-Harry was brainwashed/programmed and manipulated into his role and is thus not a hero at all. In fact, canon-Harry was reduced to being little more than a house-elf doing his mastah's every bidding - even unto his own death.

Ultimately, Dumbledore was every bit as much of a monster as Voldemort and had countless victims of his actions. (Particularly his preventing others from truly stopping DE's.) So why let such a monster "retire peacefully" and allowed to be known as something he is not. To conceal Dumbledore's montrosity is thoroughly disgusting. Past actions do NOT make later atrocities 'ok' just because he was some former hero. Defeating a dark lord does not make it ok to later go out and kidnap young children and make them your slaves. But that seems to be the implication you are giving here.

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