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I am Iron Man.

My Stories:

Ship of Theseus: Resident Evil again. Another long piece, when it's done it'll be the longest thing that I've written and completed. Again, expanded from a shorter piece in my Teratogenesis set of short stories. The focus is on Rebecca from the events of RE0 through the destruction of Raccoon City, with a twist that's typical for what I write. Updates will be slow as I'm looking to work with a beta-reader to find the mistakes that I keep missing.

Legacies: Resident Evil. My second attempt at a longer piece, expanded from a one-shot in Teratogenesis. Jake and Sherry are my favorite couple in the series and I decided to mess with them in the way I typically do. It's complete now, but I've got ideas for a few little one-shots based on it and will likely post them when I have the opportunity.

Spring Break: Anarchy Reigns. An insetting take on a popular urban legend. Pure humor, mostly.

Teratogenesis: Another collection of one-shots, Resident Evil this time. I can't believe that it took me so long to get into the series. Most of the chapters are unified by the theme of body horror, but there's some other stuff thrown in for good measure, some more traditional horror, some humor and possibly even romance. If there's something specific you'd like to see, shoot me a review or a PM and I'll see if your idea inspires me.

Nighttime Flowers, Evening Roses: Prince of Persia. I found it when looking through some of my older writings. Based on a very disturbing dream I had and jotted down, adjusted things a little and then expanded it from one chapter to three so that there was actually a bit of story to it rather than a singular, horrific encounter.

Oneiroid Syndrome: Based on a discussion about how Cross and Blackwatch in general never get enough attention while talking about crossover ideas. This was the result. A truly strange Prototype/Metal Gear Rising crossover that surprised me with how well the two settings meshed.

Damaged: I enjoy the Metal Gear series and Jack is easily one of my favorite characters. Metal Gear Rising left me wondering if I could finally think of a way to write something about him. It also got me thinking about his relationship with Rose and what keeps the two of them together despite everything.

Voices of the Infection: Prototype. My attempt at dabbling in one-shots. They cover a random assortment of ideas that came to mind as I played the Prototype games. Some I like more than others, but I would like to think that most are interesting.

Did You Miss Me?: Prince of Persia. We spend so much time looking for the problems without that we forget those within. A little something I made just to prove that I could. I know I said that it was intended to be a one-shot, but it did not want to be. New chapters began to write themselves and the story eventually became what it is now.

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